Sunday, June 28, 2009

MJ Experience

So, for the weekend we went down to L.A. for a little family get together. Today, my cousins and I went out to Rodeo Drive to walk and look, of course. Anyway, we left and went down Sunset Boulevard to sightsee the big, fancy houses. As we were driving, we saw some people gathering around and the street blocked off, then on the street corner were signs and flowers...of course! it was for Michael Jackson! So we followed the signs for "Star Maps" so that we could park. We got out and joined the people. There was a good number of people but not too much. As my cousins were taking pictures, out comes a car. A big gray Bentley, then a rush of people and paparazzi. It was insane. You could hear the, "Who was that?" "Who is it?" Then you hear, "LaToya, LaToya!" There was LaToya Jackson driving out from the house with the police trying to get her through. It was just a totally weird experience. I had to just stand back and see everyone rush the car, trying to get a picture, to get a look, to get something. And as she drove away, you could hear a shriek coming from a car that was just driving through on Sunset Boulevard, "Oh my god, it's Janet!!!" It was funny and sad at the same time.

Definitely, rest in peace to Michael and condolences to his family, friends and fans all over the world. He went through so much in his life, but no matter what you think of him, he was a music legend. His early work was just incredible. I loved Off the Wall and Thriller. He was a great performer. Of course, he will be missed.


FrankandMary said...

Yes, I got my funny-sad moment when the family announced that the Rev. Jesse Jackson was going to be their spiritual advisor "through this."

I'd hope a family wouldn't look for quite so much publicity over the death of one of its own, but Joe got on Larry King awful quickly, I am told. ~Mary

Vicky said...

I'm still listening to my Michael Jackson playlist non-stop since that day.