Friday, June 5, 2009

100 Things, Part II

here comes Part II for you...

26. I am a lover of culture. Culture shapes how you live your life.

27. I am 100% filipino.

28. Eclectic is one of my favorite words.

29. Phenomenology, which is the process of letting things manifest themselves, is another favorite word. Shepard Fairey is awesome!

30. I am a design freak.

31. I am a perfectionist.

32. I am a procrastinator. I hate it but I can't help it...okay, okay, I can, but I'll do it later.

33. I like things to be done correctly or not at all. So sometimes that means some projects never get finished.

34. I believe that perfect practice makes perfect.

35. Danica McKellar aka Winnie Cooper was a childhood crush.

36. Uniqueness is very sexy to me.

37. I believe in having your own personal style.

38. I believe that everything's already been done, you just have to put your own spin to it.

39. I am a world-traveller that has barely left the state of California.

40. I enjoy the Planet Green network.

41. Mixed-martial arts has taken boxing's spot on my list.

42. I love taking notes.

43. I love string cheese and turkey jerky, although not necessarily together at the same time.

44. I am a dog lover but don't have a dog.

45. Alberto Vargas is my favorite pin-up artist ever.

46. I love boiled chicken.

47. I love to cook and eat spaghetti.

48. I am starting to love to cook.

49. I can cook hamburgers from scratch.

50. I love to drive around the city.

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