Friday, July 9, 2010

LeBron - The Decision

So yesterday came the biggest decision in the basketball world. And to no real surprise to those in the know, LeBron chose to take 'his talents to South Beach' where he joins the returning Dwayne Wade and newcomer Chris Bosh to create a so-called Super Team. Being a Laker fan, as well as a basketball fan, it is quite intriguing, but doesn't mean a thing to me. It definitely is a great story, having three superstars team up together to get a champtionship.
With LeBron being a free agent, he certainly had the right to go where ever he wanted. I think he is getting a lot of heat for how he did it. Having a one hour special on ESPN at the Boys and Girls Club in Greenwich, Connecticut with a not so enthuiastic look on his face wasn't a very good idea. People, though, also questioned his choice of going to Miami and joining Wade and Bosh. Was it for a championship? Was it for his legacy? Was it for the money? If he wanted a championship right now, some have said that the place to go was Chicago. If it was for his own legacy, he would have gone to the bright lights of New York. If it was for money, he would have stayed in Cleveland where he gotten a max-deal and be paid more than any other team could offer him. I think he kind of chose the easy way out. Instead of going on his own and even having one sidekick with him, and challenging a team like Chicago or a Wade-Bosh combo in Miami, he chose to create a super team. A super team currently with only four players and three rookies, who are looking to sign players for a minimum salary.
I do prefer the old-school days, where Michael Jordan took on the challenge of the Detroit Pistons and the Boston Celtics of the 19080s. Nowadays, it doesn't seem as special anymore. LeBron James can get his money, win his championships and create his own legacy, but what does that all mean? I know he won't care what others say or think about him but if he does want to create that legacy and build his own world-wide brand then he should care.

Friday, July 2, 2010

P90X - Ass Kicker

Ok, I'm sure at some point in your late night channel surfing you've come across the P90X infomercials. It looks intense and believe me, it is! But more about that later! Anyway, a couple weeks ago, my dad saw the informercial and told me to get it. He is diabetic and needs to lose some weight, I looked at him and asked if he could handle it. He said that he could and I replied, Oook! So, I ordered it and it finally came last week. We started this past Monday, and wow, did it kick my ass! I started with the chest/back DVD and made a mistake of not pacing myself, on the first set, I did about 20-25 push-ups with many, many more to go. I did learn my lesson! I'm on day 5, feeling a bit sore, but feeling great! I've lost almost 3 pounds so far! My dad is taking it slowly but still going at it. He's lost a couple pounds as well! We're definitely making our way! More updates coming...