Friday, July 2, 2010

P90X - Ass Kicker

Ok, I'm sure at some point in your late night channel surfing you've come across the P90X infomercials. It looks intense and believe me, it is! But more about that later! Anyway, a couple weeks ago, my dad saw the informercial and told me to get it. He is diabetic and needs to lose some weight, I looked at him and asked if he could handle it. He said that he could and I replied, Oook! So, I ordered it and it finally came last week. We started this past Monday, and wow, did it kick my ass! I started with the chest/back DVD and made a mistake of not pacing myself, on the first set, I did about 20-25 push-ups with many, many more to go. I did learn my lesson! I'm on day 5, feeling a bit sore, but feeling great! I've lost almost 3 pounds so far! My dad is taking it slowly but still going at it. He's lost a couple pounds as well! We're definitely making our way! More updates coming...

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