Sunday, March 7, 2010

Amazing Games

In these times that I've been away from blogging, basketball season has been going on. This is the last week of the season and it started off today with an incredible game and effort.

So let me set this up for you. We started off the season with 21 kids and had to split them up into two teams. The team that played today started out with 10 guys. About midway through the season, one kid quit so that left nine. So, for this game, I was informed that a couple of the kids, who were two of the best players on the team, wouldn't be able to make the game because they had a baseball game at the same time. So that left seven. One kid, unfortunately, went to Hawaii to attend his grandmother's funeral. So, we're left with six. So, we're expecting six players.

As the game starts, not only did one player not show up, which would have been fine, but two players didn't show up! So me and my co-coach look at each other and shrug. We have to play with four guys and they were up for it. I told them to just play and have fun and see how it goes. As the game goes on, we're still very much in it. It's a close game, going back and forth. They do keep us in it by sending us to the foul line throughout the game. If we could hit our free throws, we would be up six to eight points. But it felt very much that we had a chance to win. These four guys ranged from one of our best players, who was aggressive with the ball but very chatty, one good player, who wasn't really a basketball player but was smart and played his role, one pontential player, who had lots of basketball IQ but needs to focus on getting better, and one player who wasn't athletic but is a great listener and tries hard. These wide range of players came together and pulled off the great win!

Before the game, I wasn't expecting much. I just wanted them to have fun and get them rest through the game. But when it looked like we had a chance to win, my heart was racing. It we getting too exciting! I must say that it did feel great to see the crowd, our fans, parents, friends, jump up and cheer when the buzzer went off. It was a great effort and I'm very proud of them!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

My New Love

So, I've been MIA for a while now. Quite a lots been going on, just about started another job, projects have come and gone, I had a birthday...yes, another has come. But the best things about birthdays, besides the birthday cakes, are the presents of course! With my birthday presents, I have found my new love, my new iPhone! I've been addicted to this thing. My mom calls it my new girlfriend. My new girlfriend? What? Okay, well, I have been spending as much time with as I can. I've stayed up with it until two in the morning. But no commitments! Oh, but with the extra $30 a month, I'm past all that, aren't I? But I love my iPhone and you can't separate us! Anyway, I was hesitant to get it at first, but my mom wanted to get it for me for my birthday. And I sure am glad, getting a lot business done, including this latest post. Maybe I'll get more blogging done, only of I can get away from Twitterific, my Words With Friends games and the addicting Sunday Lawn. Can we please at least get a Blogger app going?