Sunday, June 21, 2009

100 Things, Part IV

And now I give to you the final installment of my 100 Things...

76. I can honestly wait patiently for anything. As long as I have my music and notebook, I can wait.

77. I can't leave home without my notebook and pen.

78. I like to people watch.

79. I enjoy watching the Bravo Network.

80. I like learning about different worldly religions. I even have a Koran in my bookcase.

81. Sometimes I write in the middle of the night in my bed with a flashlight.

82. I love the idea of tradition.

83. I won't let Supercuts come anywhere near my head.

84. I really enjoy polishing my shoes.

85. I have a major crush on Mariah Carey. I've got a wall full of Mariah magazine covers on my wall.

86. I have a weird love for corned beef. I love cooking corned beef omelettes, corned beef fried rice, corned beef with cheese on top...

87. I enjoy creating ambigrams. It's tough but the end product usually looks awesome!

88. I am a California boy. Northern Cali or SoCal, I can live anywhere up and down the state.

89. I found that I'm not a big fan of movies based on great books.

90. I don't drink coffee. I do like drinking tea.

91. I enjoy doing logic problems.

92. I enjoy playing Texas Hold 'Em poker. My friends and I have been known to play until 5 in the morning.

93. I'm not a fan of local news.

94. I enjoy organized chaos.

95. I really enjoy watching golf and tennis on television, especially the major championships.

96. I like the number 96.

97. I enjoy reading about other people's philosophies.

98. I consider myself a morning person.

99. I've recently started to train for a much fun!

100. I don't really like talking about myself...

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