Monday, July 13, 2009

Why I Run...

At every Team-In-Training workout run, there is always a special honoree that speaks with all of us to tell us of their story of their battle with cancer. It is always a great time to appreciate them and get to learn more about them and what we are doing all this hard work for. It is great to meet these honorees before, during and after our long runs. It is definitely a great inspiration.

Last week, ESPN did their annual week of Make-A-Wish Foundation: My Wish stories that featured kids with life-threatening medical conditions to grant their biggest sports dreams. The story of Cole Johanson, an 11-year old, who is battling lymphoma, and his wish to meet New Orleans Hornets' point guard, Chris Paul. Cole seems wise beyond his years and has a great looking shot (I should know, I coach basketball to kids his age.) It was great seeing Cole and Chris just play ball and eat lunch and talk like they were old friends. Just in that little segment and seeing what Cole's been through is a great inspiration to keep going as I run.

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