Thursday, July 30, 2009


I know we all have dreams, especially those weird ones that wake us up and make us think, What was that about? Once in a while, I have these dreams, well, not really weird dreams, but those that make you say, hmmm. Anyway, last night, I dreamt about this girl that you could say, was my very first crush. We never really dated but in those grade school days, I really, really liked her. In high school, we were cool, we'd see each other once in a while at school dances and such. Then she went away to the East Coast for college and now is married and living in Chicago. I haven't seen her in years but here she is in my dreams, where it seems like we're dating or i'm courting her. I've even had a dream where I see her at an amusement park and she has a kid and is expecting another one. Not sure where she's coming from but there she still is in my dreams.


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