Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Rock Urge

On Saturday, we went out to spend half the day in Monterey. We strolled down 17-Mile Drive in Carmel and stopped by the little beaches and little areas along the way. At one stop, there was this area where you could go down some rocks and sand and get a bit closer to the ocean. Just a bit down the way, there was this tall rock wall that was about 10 feet or so. I remembered when I was younger, I was a Cub Scout and on one excursion, we went rock climbing. That urge to mountain climb went through me...

It was very cool...I just need to figure out where we went to climb when I was a wee Cubbie Scout. Or I could research other places that I could mountain climb. It would be fun! I love the idea that the memory of when I was a kid stirred that urge in me to want to start mountain climbing. I'll definitely look into it, plus I have great calves! haha

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