Sunday, July 12, 2009

Training Progress

I've been super busy lately, but have definitely been squeezing in my training for my marathon. I am officially going to run the Nike Women's half marathon in San Francisco. My training this week has been great. I think this is the first week that I've been able to go to each training activity. On Tuesday, we had the track workout, where we had a hill workout. We had to run up and down a hill, it was grueling but awesome! On Thursday, I joined a few others in Campbell and ran about 4 miles. It wasn't too bad. And yesterday, it was a Coaches' led run and we ran in downtown San Jose. It was a great run...I ran 5 miles, the most that I've ever ran. My body is feeling good and is getting used to all the pounding that it is getting. And it is worth it, doing it for a great cause! It is definitely a great feeling!

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