Sunday, November 1, 2009

My Adventure at...Rasputin Music

I am totally loving this new job with Cornerstone/Fader Magazine. I'm starting to get into the groove. Last week, I went into my local music shop (these are getting rare nowadays, but I might get into the that later), Rasputin Music to put up posters to promote the upcoming Rakim album, The Seventh Seal, coming out November 17th. It was awesome to just walk in and tell them what I'm doing and them helping me out. Big shout outs to Quintina, Candice and the rest of the great Rasputin staff for being awesome and letting me do my thing. I'll definitely be going back for the rest of my upcoming projects. I had always been a customer but it's cool having them as a contact. I knew this job was gonna be fun but it seems like it's gonna get better. I will head out to more places this week! Keep posted!

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