Saturday, November 7, 2009

Little Rant of the Week

I don't really like to go on rants but this bugged me the other day. I was chillin' by myself at the mall doing a bit of shopping and a bit of networking as well. Anyway, I was walking and as I do, I like to people watch. There was this girl walking towards me. She was a little cute and was on her phone texting. We were walking towards each other and about to do that dance that you do when two people are walking at each other on the same line. But when you do that you usually look up and smile and say excuse me or something like that. But there was none of that, no look up, no smile, no excuse me, what's up with that? Is your texting more important than giving me a little smile? A little excuse me?

To me, its not that big of a deal but it did get me thinking that some etiquette stays and some goes but as time goes on new etiquette comes. We do have to keep up with the times but as we do, we can't forget about the simple things, like being polite and kind to one another. Okay, that's all! Rant over!

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