Monday, November 16, 2009

First Practice

So, it's that season again. Grade school basketball time! It was our first practice today, the 6th grade boys came out and got a taste of running and getting in shape for basketball season. My friend Jeff, who I coached when he was in 6th grade and sister was in my grade school class (and had my first crush on, but that's another story) and I are the coaches this year. We had 21 kids come out to join the team. That's a lot of kids for the team but we can't cut anybody though we will try to weed out the kids that don't really want to be there. We most likely will have to have two teams for the season. Everything should turn out fine as long as they listen, work hard and have a positive attitude. I've been coaching basketball for about 12 or so years and it's been lots and lots of fun! I enjoy teaching them and seeing them get better on the court. It's gonna be more than a handful this year but it should be interesting. I'll keep you all updated!

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