Monday, June 14, 2010

Can't Jump...Just Yet

So last week, I announced that I'd be moving this blog over to wordpress. As I was starting, I thought I had made the jump a bit too quickly and abruptly. Although certain things made me want to make the jump, I thought I should just make time for myself to blog and slowly make the move. So, I will still be blogging here but at the same time will be blogging at the new spot while learning the ropes and deciding which step I should take, if any. So keep tight, I'm not going anywhere, yet.

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Anonymous said...

After 7 years of being in blogspot, I'm about to make my move too and as lame as I sound, I'm kinda scared to do it. Hahaha.

It's also cuz my family knows about my damn blog and it's frustrating. Booo.

Anyway, let me know about your move and good luck :)