Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Recovering From Memorial Day Weekend

First of all, Happy Belated Memorial Day to all those that gave their lives defending our freedom.

And with all that comes family get togethers, barbeques and food. Lots and lots of food! So the weekend started on Friday with a prayer service and family dinner for my mom's uncle, who died a week or so ago. Then, Saturday started with a bit of spring cleaning in the garage. My aunt and uncle came up to visit from L.A. so we all went up to Tracy to my other aunt's house for a little family get together dinner. It was a night of lots of food, the Laker game and some old family photos. A good night to hang out.

The next day was a friend's barbeque. That was night of lots of food, lots of booze and lots of laughs. I think it was too much food, booze and laugh. Especially the booze. I don't usually drink a lot but...that brought me to Monday. Where I spent all day nursing a good ol' hangover.

Oooh, my head...

But I'm all better now.

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