Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Night with Mos and Rakim

Last night I got a call from one of my project managers from NY and he asked me to work the Mos Def/Rakim show up in San Francisco. What was I gonna say? A night of putting up posters (for the new Rakim album, The Seventh Seal, coming out November 17th), a free concert and a great fun night in the city...hell yes, i said! It was my first event for my first project. I got to work with FARM rep vet Joel and partied with him and his friends. After putting up a few posters throughout the venue we got to chill inside before all the people came in. It was at a great venue in San Francisco called Ruby Skye.

The show started with a new MC from Mos' camp, Hussein. He was okay, whoever writes his stuff is great. He looked like he was a rookie up on stage. He messed up a few times but his delivery was pretty good. Next up was Rakim and he did put on a show. I'd say that he was the MVP for the night. He mostly did his old stuff and everyone loved it! Mos Def closed it off and he was okay. He mostly did his new stuff from The Ecstatic album (which I will pick up very soon). The beats were great but I think everyone wanted him to do some of his old stuff. I totally wanted to hear Ms. Fat Booty! Anyway, people started to leave early so we went out front and started to hand out free Rakim posters for everyone! It was a great show and a great crowd! I had lots and lots of fun and look forward to more great shows!

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