Friday, October 24, 2008

That Humble Swagger...

The phrase 'that humble swagger' is how I like to describe my style, my demeanor, my personality, whatever you want to call it. I first heard the phrase on a sports story on ESPN about the University of Miami Hurricane football players and their abundance and legacies in the NFL. Players like Michael Irvin, Ray Lewis and young stars like Frank Gore and Willis McGahee have left their mark. At first glance, you would first notice their brashness and arrogance, but if you look closer, their confidence is through the roof because they can surely back it up. And if you look even closer, those NFL'ers from 'The U' are such a close-knit family that they can keep each other in check and humble. I found that concept so appealing. The idea of being confident in who you are and what you do but also being humble and know your place in the world. I've had that phrase around me for some time, on my message board signatures, my Myspace headlines, doodled in my notebooks, but I've never really sat down and thought about it. I think I first realized that I needed to sit down and think about my favorite phrase when I had a conversation with this girl I met. She had asked me how I would describe my style, fashion-wise, and that really got me to thinking. I told her I had that hip-hop/R&B style, that Justin Timberlake/Ne-yo type of thing. That made her giggle. I told her that my style had a humble swagger to it. I believe that having that humble swagger is good for today's world. To go around town with that confidence about yourself and being able to do your own thing. But also having that down-to-earth personality with that humbleness to know where you stand. That humble swagger is what I am about and what I strive to be.

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