Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Family Tree

Last week my mom was organizing some of her papers in her guest room and found a folder of the family tree notes that she had been working on. She gave it to me to look through and I became really interested in my own family history. It was interesting to see the names  of my grandfather's mother and father and their mothers and fathers. My mom's research went out to at least six generations of our family. As I looked through the different trees and lists, I thought it would be great to see how far I could expand it. It would be fun to not only find out about my great-great-grandparents but also their family, their brothers and sisters and cousins. This family tree project has definitely been added to the long list of other projects that I'll be working on. 

Family is definitely important to me. About a year and a half ago, my grandfather, my mom's father, died. I was really close to him. I have a box full of his little writings, his journals and notes. I haven't looked at any of them since I put them in the box. I'm not sure, but I have the feeling that finding more about my family and its pasts, I can delve back into my grandfather's words and find more about him.

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