Friday, October 24, 2008

Internet-less Days

For two and a half days, I didn't have any internet access. That's the end of the world, isn't it? Not being able to communicate with the outside world, oh the horror! I was thinking the same thing, but believe it or not, I got a few more things done than I normally do. I even got this blog on its way to getting started. I got more writing done, some reading too. I doodled some ideas in my notebooks. I organized part of my magazine clippings. It was good to get some things done, or at least started.

So, now I've beening thinking that I should do this a little more often. Maybe start an 'analog day' once a week or every two weeks (every two weeks sounds better, it's always good to start things slow...). Having no internet, no cellphone, no emails for a whole day. Just get things done around the house or enjoy the day and take in the festivities of the city. In these days and times, we should all have some time away from our dependence on technology.

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