Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Love Letters

The other night I was going through my box full of notebooks. Most were empty but I found one with a draft of a 'love letter' that I wrote to a big crush of mine a few years ago. As I read it again, I realized I haven't felt like that in a long time. Sometimes, with all the stuff going on in my world, that's okay. But I do miss that feeling...falling head over heels for someone. 

Can I talk to you for a minute? There’s something on my mind that I have to say. There’s that thing about you that’s got me, got me going, going crazy over you. From the moment that you walked into my life, I didn’t know, but I knew, that the girl that I was destined to be with was undoubtedly you. I still don’t know for sure, but I would like to see what I am missing. I plead, you should be with me you see. I long to be with you and be a part of all that you do. I try to close my eyes and think of things to do, but my mind drifts and winds up, again, thinking of you. I love to make you smile. I love to make you laugh. I’m not sure if you notice, but where ever you go, I follow your path. When I’m around you, I have a kick to my step and a smile of my face. I know that in my heart, you have a place. I can do nothing but count the days, the hours, the minutes until the moment I see you again. And when I leave your presence, the countdown once again begins I just hope that you feel the same. But I must play that game and put myself on that line because only with you, I would love to spend my time. Just promise me that nothing changes between us. Whether you feel the same about me as I do about you, just promise that nothing will change. Maybe it’s just infatuation or just a feeling. But the feeling is there. It’s there. It’s real.

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Rica said...

That is the sweetest thing :)