Wednesday, May 6, 2009

What Is...Sexy?

What sexy does is sexy. 

A strong, confident woman is sexy. A strong, confident older woman is even sexier. 

Intelligence is sexy. Multi-lingual girls are sexy. 

Multi-cultured girls are sexy. Cultured girls are sexy too.

A sexy voice can make your soul quiver. The sound of a woman in high heels walking down a hallway is sexy. Well-defined calves are sexy. 

Beyoncé is sexy. So is Martha Stewart. Or for you Travel Channel fans out there...Bridget Marquardt is sexy. So is Samantha Brown. 

A girl who can tell me who the starting center was for the L.A. Lakers in game 6 of the NBA finals in 1980 is very sexy.

A girl who can play the drums is sexy. A girl who can DJ is just as sexy.

Uniqueness is sexy. Individuality is sexy.

A 5'8" supermodel is sexy. A 4'11" Playboy model is SO much sexier. 

Natural beauty is sexy. Voluptuousness is super sexy.

Sexy is timless. No matter the era, their sexy is our sexy. Sexy is ageless. Ageless is sexy.

A woman with muscles is sexy. Strength is sexy.

Funny women are sexy. A sense of humor is sexy.

Women with curves are sexy. Mothers are sexy. 

Classic beauty is sexy.

Most sexy women are beautiful. Most beautiful women are sexy. Although not all beautiful women are sexy. Some sexy women would not necessarily be considered a real beauty. But they don't care and that is sexy!

Sexy is sexy. What is sexy to you?


Rica said...

I find someone who doesn't think they're sexy, sexy.

There's something about modesty that is sexy :)

Albert said...

hey Rica! ahh, yes that is so true!

Blicious said...

love this post...i find confidence so sexy!

Albert said...

Hey Brandi! Confidence it definitely the sexiest of them all! LOL

pinkjellybaby said...

I think sometimes, all it takes to be sexy, is a smile.