Friday, April 3, 2009

Favorites of the Week

WrestleMania 25
My friends and I had a little WM25 party last Sunday night. It was a fun night of eating, drinking and watching the yearly extravaganza. It was a pretty good show, it could have been better, IMO, considering it was the 25th anniversary. But it was a solid show that was headlined by the classic battle between The Undertaker and the HeartBreak Kid Shawn Michaels. That was such an amazing match, so much so that it overshadowed the matches that followed it. I thought that the HHH/Randy Orton had a chance to match it, however, it didn't. Although it was very good. Another highlight of the show was the Jeff Hardy/Matt Hardy Xtreme Rules match! It definitely was a great night!

A recent favorite of's like a little creative daily exercises for your blogs, social networks or whatever! Lots of fun!

Root Beer Float cupcakes!
Mmmmm...that's right! Root Beer Float cupcakes! Made by a good friend of mine, I had a few of these tasty babies last Sunday at the WM25 party! Soooo delicious! Thanks April!

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