Friday, April 17, 2009

Cheerleading Coach Fired Over Playboy Pics

I found this story on AOL that just troubled me. Carlie Christine was fired from her position as a cheerleading coach after school officials from Casa Robles High School in Orangevale, CA discovered that she had posed for Playboy. Carlie was recently Playboy's Cyber Girl of the Week. The issue of Carlie posing for Playboy is a whole other topic. What really irked me was that the school officials found out about the images from parents of students who didn't make the cheerleading squad.

I find this just ridiculous! I've heard quite a few stories about girls who have been fired from their jobs because of their associations with Playboy but this is a bit more! Some can say that, oh, the parents are just jealous, or whatever, but this more than jealousy, this is vindictive! It is a sad, sad society when parents say to their kids. "Hey kids, look, if you don't get what you want, seek revenge! You find all you can about whomever hurt you and use it against them!" Is that what we should be teaching our children?

Then I read that a parent said, "The girls are supposed to look up to their coaches." Little do those parents know what their 'little angels' are doing behind their backs! But I feel sorry for these kids too, they see this type of behavior all around them from the internet or these insignificant reality shows that dictate their lives! I find this all very sad!


The Locke said...

What are the parents teaching their children, that it is okay to get revenge against something for something that was your fault???

Ysabet said...

I can actually top that for bogusity rating. I know of an incident in which a teacher got fired for something that someone else did in a religious context outside of school. TWICE: When this person got a new job, someone called and told the story, resulting in a second termination.

People are horrid sometimes.