Sunday, January 3, 2010

Nothing Beats the Classics

Here I am just minutes from 1 o'clock in the morning, watching TV, flipping through the channels and I come to a familiar movie, Running Scared. Not the movie that came out a few years ago with that dude from the Fast and the Furious movies, the 80s movie with Billy Crystal and Gregory Hines. I remember watching this movie when I was younger, I watch it every time it was on the TV or pop it in the VCR. Classic movie!
And speaking of classics, the Cartoon Network aired a marathon of the Looney Tunes cartoons. They rarely shows those anymore so it was great to see them again. Nothing beats those old Looney Tunes cartoons. It is timeless! The artwork, the stories, and the music, most certainly the music. If you listen close, the orchristrated music is the best. Nothing beats it and you can't get it from today's cartoons.
The classics definitely bring you back, maybe not to better times, but to memorable ones.

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