Friday, March 27, 2009

Favorites of the Week

Kelly Paper My new favorite store, the Disneyland of paper! A warehouse full of reams of paper, being a graphic designer, I was very excited! They'll see lots more of me!

My new DVR - since my VCR has gone caput, I am loving my new toy! I have no idea how I could have lived without it! I've been taping (oops, I mean, DVR'ing) left and right, all over the place.

Jamie Foxx Intuition The new album from the Grammy-nominated, Oscar-winning actor/singer/Mr. Everything is solid. As usual, its a mix of club bangers and smooth R&B. There's his solid singles like 'Just Like Me' featuring T.I., 'Blame It' featuring T-Pain, as well as the 'Ms. Independent' remix, 'She Got Her Own' featuring Ne-yo and Fabolous. Add that to my new favorites, 'Number One' with Lil Wayne and 'Digital Girl'. My new favorite album, I've been rockin' it in my car all week.

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